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Carlinna Hiebert

Over the past decade, Carlinna has worked as a hairstylist, helping her clients look their best on the outside. This career has enabled her to build genuine emotional connections and trustful relationships with her clients. One of the biggest reasons she has enjoyed her job for so long is that it has given her the ability to have this unique bond with others.

When Carlinna had first learned about Hypnotherapy and its many benefits, she was instantly intrigued. Ultimately, this would lead her down another path she knew would be highly beneficial for her existing clients and newcomers. 

Carlinna feels it is her true calling to help aid people through life's ups and downs, no matter how big or small a situation may seem. Last year, she took her training and completed the requisite practicum; thus, Clear Connections Hypnotherapy was officially born in January 2022!


In Carlinna's free time she enjoys hiking and spending time with her two children Deklan and Hazel. They enjoy being out and about biking, watching movies, playing board games, and finding fun things to do around beautiful Saskatoon!



National Guild of Hypnotherapists  

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